Angry Men

Twice today, I saw two very angry men. One of them was walking across the street with no shirt on, belly drooping and looking like a 60 year old Bart Simpson.  As he crossed the street, a car entered the crosswalk nearly hitting him. He shouted at the lady who drove the car into the crosswalk, you f***b***, you should get a ticket for that. I’m across the street thinking that maybe this guy, with his belly hanging, no shirt on, and screaming obscenities; he should be the one to get a ticket. I’m thinking, get your shirt on buddy and quit acting like a two year old. Fortunately, the lady driving paid him little attention, and moved on with her day.

Twenty minutes later, I’m making a left hand turn by Greenlake Library and I notice a driver shouting at another driver, you f***ing son of a b***, grow up, you’re an a***.  A guy across the street not very far from the incident, starts laughing his ass off. What an exchange. 

My favorite.  A few days ago, I stopped to park my car by Third Place Bookstore at Seward Park. I left from work, and was going to get a quick bite to eat. I closed the front door of my car, and quickly locked the car, using the alarm key. It made the honking sound to indicate that my car was locked.  At the same time that I’m locking the car, I hear a man from across the street yell to driver passing by, f*** you. I guess he thought the driver had blown his horn at him, not realizing that it was my car alarm that I had just set. I glanced over and told him, that was me locking my car. He then laughed—somewhat embarrassingly—then said, well don’t I feel like an idiot. Then walked away. 

There are people who are tired, pissed off, irritated, and angry. I’m not sure if these are just random events or that I’m lucky.

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