Arshile Gorky

I was told about this Armenian artist by my electrologist who I saw over the weekend. I had never heard of this guy before, and was surprised to learn of this artist from someone who was removing in grown hair from my face. I guess you never know where you’re going to learn new things. It comes from anywhere and everywhere.

Because the hair on the lower side of my face was bothering me, I thought it was time to see an electrolysis. No matter how much I shaved or pulled the hair from my face it always returned–and as irritating as ever.

My Electrolygist and I began talking about the differences between living in Los Angeles and Seattle. In our conversation, Fresno came up, so I asked her what she knew of Fresno? She said that Fresno had the biggest Armenian population in California; I never knew this and I lived had lived there for several years.

I told her that I had a friend High School who was Armenian. She hated high school so much, that she an early exit exam–I never saw her again. She then told me about William Saroyan, a well-known Armenian writer who was born in Fresno. I had of him, but had never read or saw any of his theatrical productions.

We spoke of him briefly, then spoke of the Armenian Christmas that happens every year on January 6th. I didn’t know anything about Armenian Christmas. I thought xmas was December 25 and everyone celebrated it only on that day. Well, I learned from her that Armenians are the only Christians who celebrate Christmas on January 6th. That’s the day that everyone used to celebrate Christmas until the Catholic Church decided on December 25th. I never knew this.

She adviced me to read about the origin of Christmas, to see the movie The Promise,which about the Armenian genocide, and that I should also look up the Armenian artist Arshile Gorky. Gorky’s led a very active life, but was always in and out of depression. He was a well-known Armenian artist, but events in his life made him extremely unhappy. Unfortunately, he committed suicide at an early age of 44. How anyone ends their life continues to be a source of frustration and perplexity for me.

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